Sher Anardana Churan Packet (Individual Pouch Packing) 50 Paise

Quantity 160 g (80 pouches x 2 g each)

MRP 40.00

A scintillating blend of sweet and savory which will make you want more and more. A digestive churan to tingle your tastebuds. Try Sher's Anardana Churan, now!

Sugar, Amchoor Powder, Kala Namak, Salt, Anardana (5%), Jeera (1.5%), Kali Mirch (1%), Ajwain, Saunf (0.1%), Piple (0.04%), Dal Chini (0.001%), Star Anise (0.001%), Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Sonth, Hing.

Energy 391.45 kcal, Protein 1.58 g, Carbohydrates 95.81 g of which Sugar 83.12 g, Total Fat 0.21 g,

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