Sher Aam Chhabila Balls Bottle (Individual Bottle Packing)(Attractive Corrugated)

Quantity 144 g (12 Units x 12 g each)

MRP 60.00

"Feel the magnificent mango taste with our sweet Sher Aam Chhabila. Pop a ball for the juiciness of a ripe mango enriched with vitamin A. ""Bow available to be enjoyed as a tray packet containing bottles."" "

Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Starch, Acidity Regulator (INS 330) Binder (INS 1400), Dusting Powder (INS 553 (III) ), Glazing Agent (INS 905) c(ii) )

Energy 394 kcal, Protein 0.3 g, Carbohydrates 98 g of which Sugar 81 g, Total Fat 0.1 g,

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